/  High performance lubricant (Drysurf, Hilube, Durasurf) and others lubricant

DRYSURF (Quickly Drying Lubricant)

As a pioneer of quick-drying lubricants, we help our customers improve the quality of their products with our experience, expertise and flexibility to respond to rapidly changing market. Our lubricants are widely used in OA equipment (PCs, copy machines, printers, facsimiles), AV equipment (CD, DVD, video cameras, car audio systems), cameras, automotive components and machinery parts of other components.

 DRYSURF : Features of quick-drying lubricant

Wide range of application

Compared to grease, the product causes little running or staining, and is optimally used to increase lubricity or prevent noise on surfaces where grease cannot be applied. As it may be applied in thin layer, viscosity resistance can be kept low in precision sliding areas.

Excellent durability

It may be used for permanent lubrication, substituting conventional grease, with its uniform coating and high durability.

Highly safe

It is very safe for its non-inflammability and little odor.

Easiness of application

With its liquid form, the product helps shorten the work process with dipping and simplified coating.

Extensive product

line Custom-made products are also available for various usage / purpose

HI-LUBE (High Performance Grease)

We propose the best grease, including general sliding grease, contact grease, torque grease, dielectric grease and impregnating oil, meeting various needs of our customers and assist from the development phase. Our products are widely used in machinery parts of OA equipment, AV equipment, cameras and automotive components.

 DRYSURF : HI-LUBE : Features of high-performance grease

Including fluorinated grease

Wide range of application

With only small risk of chemical attack, it may be applied to plastic parts not durable against oil.

Wide temperature range of application

The product is applicable to sliding parts of low to high temperature. It may be used in low temperature areas where changes in friction resistance is concerned or in high temperature areas such as the heat roller of printers.

Excellent durability

It has little degradation over time and is weather-resistant. Even in high-voltage areas, grease almost never degrades with arc discharge.

Extensive product line

Custom-made products are also available for various usage / purpose


 Features of fluorinated coating

High-performance, thin layer

It has little impact on the mass and the size.

Shortening the operation time

It is easy to apply with low viscosity and short drying time.

Highly safe

It is very safe with little odor and low toxicity, and is non-hazardous.

Extensive product line

It may be used for preventing migration on substrates or for conformal coating to prevent rust as plating alternative. Products are also available for other usage such as outer surface treatment of the mobile devices.

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